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If a tooth with a previous root canal is painful or the gums are swollen around the tooth, there’s a good chance you need a root canal retreatment. Andrew Graves, DMD, and James Mills Jr, DMD, at Endodontic Partners of West Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, can expertly evaluate your previously treated tooth to determine whether retreatment will resolve the problem. If you experience pain or swelling, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Root Canal Retreatment Q & A

What is root canal retreatment?

While a root canal treatment is designed to last a lifetime, it’s possible for a tooth with a root canal to heal improperly. If a previously treated tooth requires retreatment, the team at Endodontic Partners of West Alabama can easily perform a root canal retreatment to address the issue.

The process is relatively straightforward: Your expert dentist simply reopens the tooth and removes the filling materials placed in the root canals during your first root canal procedure.

The endodontist examines the tooth for signs of new infection or additional canals requiring treatment, cleans out the infected areas, and refills the canal.

Why do some teeth require root canal retreatment?

Sometimes teeth don’t heal as expected after the initial root canal treatment. If the crown or restoration didn’t form a complete seal around the treated tooth, the inside of the tooth can become contaminated.

Additionally, new issues may develop in the previously treated tooth that may also require a root canal retreatment, including:

  • Loose crown or restoration over the root canal exposing the tooth to new infection
  • New decay on the previously treated tooth that reaches the root canal filling material
  • Fractured tooth

In some cases, narrow or curved canals aren’t treated during the initial root canal and become infected later.

What is the success rate of root canal retreatment?

A retreated root canal has a 77% success rate. Getting a root canal retreatment is a better option than resorting to tooth extraction for most people. If your tooth has good bone support and you have healthy gums, you have a good chance of preserving the tooth.

It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you notice there may be a problem with your original root canal treatment, as ignoring the issue can lead to further complications, infections, and even tooth loss.

How long does a root canal retreatment take?

Most retreatment procedures take about the same amount of time as the initial root canal. The process is similar. You should expect your retreatment appointment to take about 90 minutes from start to finish.

If you have tooth pain or a loose restoration on a tooth that previously received a root canal, call Endodontic Partners of West Alabama or schedule an appointment online today to determine if a root canal retreatment might help resolve your problem and restore your smile.